Virtual Reality

Change your life with virtual reality

Oculus Rift is the best known instrument in the performance of virtual reality; we talk about a tool that is used as a helmet, gives you the chance to play and have a mental exercise and attractive different from what we know. It plunges us into a reality videogame different from normal, if we drive a car, we […]

Enhanced Training Through Neurostimulation Like Neo In Matrix

Enhanced Training Through Neurostimulation like Neo in Matrix

This week, Dr. Matthew Phillips and his team of investigators from HRL Laboratories, announced in a press release that they had invented a device that can improve learning and skill retention simply by neurostimolation. Much as the sci-fi film The Matrix depicted a device capable of enhancing skill acquisition, the researchers have discovered that low-current […]

Video games art to improve people learning - Valiant Hearts: The great war

Video games art to improve Learning – Valiant Hearts: The great war as an example

Video games can improve people’s learning, more than documentaries or too boring books? Some time ago I started to play a little graphic adventure on World War I. Valiant Hearts: The Great War, puzzle and adventure game developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, immerses you in the story of four characters that, during the dealing with horrors of World […]


New Algorithm to find Beautiful, Quiet, and Happy Routes in the City

When walking in a new city as a tourist, there are a lot of mobile apps and devices that give to us the shortest path to every relevant location. But how many times these apps brings you through busy and noisy roads, or dirty, narrow and dangerous streets? We generally prefer tiny streets with trees, […]


Computational Creativity for Computer Generated Cooking Recipes

Computational creativity applies technology to assist humans in thinking outside the box and expanding their exploration boundaries. It has many potential applications, like music, visual art, story generation and now cooking and restauration too. IBM researchers have built a system to support chefs on creating new incredible recipes, with ingredients that have never putted together […]


Painstorming Overview (Infographic)

A real breakthrough innovation is something that creates very significant value for the customer. We often spend a lot of time solving misfocused problems that don’t generate significant value for the customer. The key of success in the innovation process is to identify major customer’s pain points (real or perceived problems) and build solutions to […]


Privacy concerns in Big Data Era Innovations: Datagate Scandal and Anti-Terrorism activities as an example

Privacy is one of the biggest concerns of innovation in Big Data and Internet of Things Era. Communications, social network activities, cloud drives, web analytics and every Internet connected device can be potentially used to spy and profile our lives. However, some of these spying actions can be very useful to our society: anti-terrorism intelligence, […]


Smart equipment is the future of sports training!

The next generation of technology innovation in sports is smart equipment. Advanced sensors integrated into your golf club, baseball bat, or tennis racket can extremely improve your performance. There are several emergent projects on Kickstarter that follow this new trend.   DuoTrac golf is a multi-point, motion-tracking, portable sensor-based device and mobile app that analyzes […]


Data Mining to prevent terrorism

In the Big Data Era the fight against terrorism can take huge benefits from innovative data analytics techniques, like data mining and prescriptive analytics. Social network, telecommunication, surveillance cameras videos, criminal records, etc. are giant information sources. Everybody is connected to each other. An ex-Israeli security chief says Big Data and Data Analytics have been […]

20151127_Biosensing for Everybody_00

Control objects with only the power of your mind with OpenBCI!

Do you want to move objects only with the power of your mind? Do you want to change TV channel or play your favorite video game without your hands? Everybody now can do it (with a cheap price)! Watch this amazing videos: Some geeks have remotely controlled a robot shark with their brains!   Brain-computer […]